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Hello, My name is John Huxton and I am new to this so bear with me.  I had a friend tell me this domain name was available so I purchased it because it closely relates to my name and what I do for a living. Of course I had a few people help me put this together but its all good and we are making progress plus I am learning. I intended on writing about and discussing the subject of HVAC and all that’s involved with HVAC and HVAC electrical circuits.  In addition I will cover other things such as basic HVAC with a focus on electrical HVAC things. Here are some of things I intend on discussing here in brief detail.

HVAC Relays

HVAC Relays allow for basic control of motors and some relays even control other relays but it all depends on the sequence of operation for the system and how it was designed. Some circuits with relays are very complex while some others are simple.  A relay is nothing more than a switch that is controlled automatically or even manually with a manual switch.

Air Conditioner Contactors

Contactors can be found in air conditioners and heat pumps. Of course there are many other types of equipment that have contactors for use but basically a contactor is a heavy duty relay that can handle more amperage than a relay.  Contactors are found in condensers and control the compressor and the condenser fan motor.

Capacitors for HVAC

Capacitors in HVAC help single phase motors run more efficiently and they also can be found helping the compressor to start by giving it an additional boost. However, not all air conditioners have start capacitors. Some have hard start capacitors that help it start and some have no start assist whatsoever. The three types of capacitors I’ll cover are:

  • Hard Start Capacitors
  • Run Capacitors
  • Start Capacitors

Thermostat Control Circuits

Thermostats are probably the most common thing people try to change themselves in HVAC. There is a lot of information available on the internet about thermostats and thermostat circuits. Here we are going to try and offer information that will help. Hopefully it will be unique information to help you. This will be done for those brave souls who have the courage to change their own thermostat and hopefully with some professional guidance you don’t mess it up. There are many that do mess it up and end up calling me to fix things because they either didn’t follow basic instructions or they just plain messed everything up. It is important that you follow the thermostat wiring color code when wiring a new thermostat.

There are other things including wiring, circuits, and components that I will cover. Stay tuned and I will write much about HVAC and electrical. Thanks for visiting the site!!!


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Air Conditioner Capacitors

Air Conditioner Capacitors

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